Event-Oriented Design

A Practical Model for Developing Distributed Courses

About the Model

The Event-Oriented Design model is a framework for distributed course development. Grounded in proven methods of instructional design, the EOD model links instructional design to modern contexts for training that often include one or more technologies in the course delivery process.

More and more, course developers find themselves confronting one of the following challenges:

  • Developing a course in which the instructor and students are geographically separated.
  • Developing a course that is web-based or that includes a web-based component, be it a self-study, follow-up, or concurrent activity.
  • Redesigning a current course into a distributed format for delivery to students at a distance.
  • Writing a course that involves the use of several technology formats such as the web, teleconferencing, and print-based instruction.

The EOD model provides you with a systematic framework for addressing each of these challenges. It’s also a good framework for addressing more traditional instructional design scenarios, especially as information technology becomes more and more synonymous with any ID effort.